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Face Reading Consultations

Comprehensive Face Reading Consultations

What you'll receive

In Dr. Lincoln's sessions you receive a profound understanding of the following:

What it means to you

The “face-readings” are holographic, integrative, and holistic/gestalt in their nature. That means is you will receive a profound and transformative interpretation of how you experience and handle all aspects of life, including your purpose/destiny.

Dr. Lincoln's readings come from an intensely deeply penetrating and broad-ranging depth of perception and empathic resonation from the Heart.

The outcome is a loving understanding and compassionate comprehension of the individual, their soul nature, their cosmic purpose, their life history, their experience of it all.

The holistic nature of these face readings is in marked contrast to the “dictionary” or “this feature means that” approach utilized by virtually every other face-reading system.

However this doesn't mean that such implicational meanings of facial structure are not used in the reading. They are, but in the context of the integrative comprehension provided by the reading.

Dr. Lincoln's face readings are based upon an empirically derived understanding of who people are that arises from some 30 years as a clinical psychologist working with professional full battery psychological assessments and his resulting clinical treatment supervision, overlapping with 25 years of spiritual preparation.

It is therefore derived from a massive amount of scientific, clinical and spiritual training and experience.

Get answers today from….

Michael J. Lincoln, Ph.D.

Heart-Centered Sacred Teacher

How to Schedule an Appointment

To get the most out of your appointment find a recent “Head Shot” of yourself (no sun glasses or hats, etc.) as clear and close as possible Digital, Polaroid or Computer printed pictures will work.

Mail the following items to Dr. Lincoln:

Once received, Dr. Lincoln will be contacting you to set up your appointment. Contact Dr. Lincoln today for your appointment:

Face Reading Consultations

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